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Jennifer Hopkins Monday April 3, 2017
I need to order the speedy 30 organizer in red. When will you have them in stock again? These are great for any woman. Thanks
Kelly Brown Monday April 3, 2017
Thank you so much!!! The delivery was insanely quick, like 3 days! The merchandise is amazing works so well in my speedy 25 and top quality!! Thank you, I'll be back for my next one!!
nicole Thursday December 10, 2015
I purchase the speedy 30 organizator and handles it makes my bag looks great ill be buying again asap thanks pimpmyspeedy
Jackie Farell Monday August 31, 2015
I purchased a Speedy 25 base shaper earlier this year and love how sturdy it is and keeps my Speedy from sagging. I just recently purchased a Speedy Organizer to go with it and can't wait to receive it! Shopping and Checkout is really easy and shipping was fast as well. I'll be sure to shop again!
Michelle Trent Thursday July 23, 2015
I love my organizer for my speedy 25, it came fast and I will definitely by from them again.
Galaviz Wednesday July 15, 2015
Just received my 24/7 shaper for my speedy 30 and absolutely love it!!! Fast delivery thank you. &#128512;&#128512;:) <3

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