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Handle Cover for Speedy
Catalog > Handle Cover for Speedy

Handle Cover for Speedy

 photo handlecover-2_zps1ae28c12.jpg



This custom made Handle Cover was created specific to fit ANY Speedy or Keepall bag.  It's primary purpose is to keep the handles of your purse from stains and dirt as well as discoloration due to oxidation of the leather especially on the Monogram Collection.

Colors:  Beige for Monogram Collections and Brown for Damier Ebene Collections

Fits: any Speedy or Keepall bag

Material: Yarn

How To Use the Handle Cover?

1. Hold the handle of your bag upright.

2. Wrap the Handle Cover to your bag and secure with the button attached on one end.

3. Insert the loose string to the provided needle.

4. Just like putting laces to your shoes, start inserting the loose string to the loops and tightening as you move onward. Insert diagonally until you have sewn the Handle Cover over the handles of your bag.

5. Create a knot and button.

NOTE: Product is available in two colors. Please choose your color on the drop menu below.

Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock

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